1. What is UPS?

A UPS is a device that works between a power supply and a device to prevent undesired features of the power source from the supply from adversely affecting the performance of the device. Literally there is no standard definition of what a UPS is. Anything ranging from a nine volt battery backup in a clock radio to building / compound wide backup generator has been called a UPS.

2. What are the different types of batteries available ?

  • UPS Batteries / Tubular Batteries.

  • Valve Regulated lead Acid Batteries (VRLA)

  • Automotive Batteries .

  • Stationary Cells.

  • Air Craft Batteries.

  • Train Lighting Batteries.

3. Which type of Battery should I use for my UPS ?

You can either use  UPS / Tubular Batteries or VRLA Batteries (SMF) Tubular Batteries are preferred as its life is more and it can take up any type of abuses like over charge, deep discharge etc. This Battery comes fitted with
aqua trap vent plugs which reduces the water loss. The main advantages of SMF Batteries is, there is no need of maintenance like topping up with D.M Water.

4. Should the Battery be topped up with Acid / Water ?

The Battery should be topped only with D.M Water. The acid should never be added.

5. How much of water should I add to the Battery ?

The water should be added up to a level of  1" above the top plate surface.

6. What is IFC ?

IFC means Initial Filling & Charging. Our Batteries normally comes in charged condition.

7. What is a Domestic Inverter ?

Domestic Inverters are used for lighting. It can power any general electrical items.

8. What is an Off-Line U.P.S ?

Off-Line UPS is only for computer applications. This UPS is designed only for computers. The change over time from mains to UPS supply is only few milli seconds.

9. What is an On-Line U.P.S ?

In On-Line UPS the supply is always from the inverter & there will be no change over from mains to UPS or from UPS to mains. This UPS is used for high end computer application, CNC Machines and other precise instruments.

10. For a general computer use, which UPS should I buy?

For a general computer use you can go in for Off-Line UPS. We have different models according to you requirements.

11. How do I choose the UPS capacity ?

First write down your requirement (the points you need to be powered with the UPS).
Calculate the wattage of each point,
       Tube light ? 40 to 60 Watts.
       Fan ? 60 to 80 Watts.

*Now add all the load and you will arrive at the total wattage required by you.

12. What is the difference between VA and Watts ?

VA denotes Volt Amperes. 80% of VA is Watts. All our UPS are designed in terms of VA. To arrive at VA divide the load in Watts by 0.8 (Approx.)

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